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Standard Spokeshave

Standard Spokeshave

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A traditional spokeshave, but uniquely my own. It looks and performs just like a truly traditional spokeshave would. The depth of cut is controlled intuitively on the fly entirely by rocking the tool either forward or backwards. This shave is a shaping machine that you'll come to love picking up.

Rather than a brass sole, this all wooden bodied shave has a sole that is inserted with a very hardwearing end grain "boxing" strip. It leaves the tool feeling light and gives great feedback in use while holding up under heavy use.

These are native American woods (cut and dried by me) like pear, apple, dogwood and persimmon along with my standard American beech. I also use exotics such as rosewoods, ebonys and boxwood. All the shaves have either a boxwood or genuine lignum vitae sole insert. 

See video below for a demonstration of the difference between a traditional spokeshave and a modern one.

Here's what Peter Galbert has to say about the spokeshave:

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A closer look.

Curved sole works inside curves as well.