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Meet your future best shop mate - a traditional round bottom shave that is uniquely my own design. I’ve dubbed it as the “roundshave” since it’s primary function is to carve into tight concave areas with fluidity and ultimate control like no other shave can. It’s form is based on the traditional round bottom spokeshave of yesteryear but it’s functional design departs from there. I’ve developed a bevel down blade which allows carving into tight curves down to ~1-1/2” radius. The feel is a natural carving action, much like using a carving gouge, with just the right bevel shape to aid in a smooth action.

This shave shares the same depth of cut control as my standard spokeshaves. The depth of cut is controlled intuitively on the fly entirely by rocking the tool either forward or backwards. The tool comes set to my preference but you can fine tune the blade setting to fit your desired range of action from light to aggressive. No doubt you’ll find a setting that suits your style of work in short order.

As with all my shaves I utilize a very hardwearing end grain "boxing" strip in the soles rather than a brass strip. It leaves the tool feeling light and gives great feedback in use while also holding up under heavy use.

I like using native American woods (cut and dried by me in shop) like pear, apple, dogwood and persimmon along with my standard American beech. I also use exotics such as rosewoods, ebonies and boxwood. All the shaves have either a boxwood or genuine lignum vitae sole insert. 

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