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Extra Large Spokeshave - a.k.a. Monstershave

Extra Large Spokeshave - a.k.a. Monstershave

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This is a very large spokeshave (14" long!) that is based on a shave Peter Galbert has in his collection which is affectionately dubbed the “Monstershave”. After 2 years of designing I took it in a direction that I've never seen done with a traditional wooden spokeshave. The blade is bevel down which means the cutting edge in relation to the sole will stay constant throughout the life of the tool. The bevel down blade will allow you to carve outside and inside (as small as a 6 5/8" radius) curves because of its short length. The large mass of the body and thick blade make heavy stock removal possible. It's like a drawknife disguised as a spokeshave.

Just like my standard size spokeshave, the depth of cut is controlled by the orientation of the tool to the surface of the wood. Also like my standard shave it has a “boxing” insert in the sole to limit wear.

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