Caleb James Maker



Mandolin - March 18-22, 2019

Guest luthier instructor Austin Papp will guide you through a five day course on making a classic Gibson Lloyd Loar style A5 mandolin. Three additional students will join you in this journey making this classic.

Along the way you will bend the curved sides using traditional hot iron techniques, learn how to do binding, have a blast hand carving the arched top and back, set frets and fine tune the playability beyond anything bought off the shelf. By day five our aim is that you will have your mandolin stung up and ready to play a little tune.

You will take it home in the “white” ready to be finished to your liking. Don’t worry your instructor will give a short french polish demo at the end of each day so you’ll have the basic knowledge to get to work.

This should be a fun class and I can’t wait to get this one going. Come join us!

For class availability please email-

  • Length: 5 days (8am-5pm) Mon-Fri

  • Size: 4 students

  • Tuition: $1800 (includes materials)

Tool List:

Smoothing plane, 3/4” chisel,


A Word from Austin

Hello there, my name is Austin. I’m married to my wonderful wife Rachel, and we have an awesome 3 1/2 year old son. I was born, and raised in North East Ohio, and currently reside in the little town of Hartville. I spent 8 years building, repairing, and restoring instruments professionally before moving into a position as a machinist, and eventually into my current job doing CAD/CAM, and digital templating for a small countertop company. My interests these days revolve around hand tool woodworking, lutherie, making, and restoring tools, and getting back to a long lost love for actually playing the guitar.